Rose, Jefferson Band: Feel Like Dancing

Jefferson Rose Band: Feel Like Dancing
Title: Feel Like Dancing
Artist: Rose, Jefferson Band
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 888295080903
Genre: International

Feel Like Dancing is the second album released by Jefferson Rose Band. Listeners who enjoyed the first album, Seismic, will love the addition of singer Alex Kitchen, whose wild, potent voice adds another layer to their complex dance rhythms. Jefferson's world-beat bass guides the grooves, accompanied by a crew of outstanding musicians including trombonist Naomi Siegel, saxophonist and flutist Tobi Stone, drummer Aaron Walker-Loud, percussionist Ahkeenu Musa and guitarist Cameron Brownfield. This is a danceable, world-music album you can throw on at a party or have in the background while you kick back on Sunday morning. It is upbeat and positive and takes you on a journey to Spain, Africa, New Orleans and the Caribbean. With catchy horn melodies, the steady beats of the rhythm section, and original, heartfelt vocals in English and Spanish, each song offers something different to the audience. From the highlife guitar sounds of Esperanza and the flamenco rhythms of Feel Like Dancing and Set Me Free to the suite of Caribbean beats on Tropical Winters, this album travels around the musical world while always staying true to the voice of the Seattle-based band. Jefferson, a versatile bass man, has played in funk, blues, rock, and world music bands, and has integrated the flamenco rhythms of Spain into his style. As a bandleader, his focus is on creating great songs, directing the diverse set of rhythms he brings to the band, while surrounding himself with talented soloists and accompanists who breathe life into his compositions. Along with Jefferson's compositions, the album also features songs by Tobi Stone (Anacortes) and Naomi Siegel (Contribution and Playa Cocles). All three complement the overall message: this album makes you Feel Like Dancing. Feel Like Dancing also features Samantha Boshnack, the prolific trumpet player, composer and band leader, Mahamadou Kone, percussionist for Mali's Habib Koite, and Leslie Kitchen, who rounds out the sound with expertly blended, creative harmonies.

1.1 Esperanza
1.2 Feel Like Dancing
1.3 Juego
1.4 Primavera en Barcelona
1.5 Tropical Winters
1.6 True
1.7 Anacortes
1.8 Set Me Free
1.9 Contribution
1.10 Palmera
1.11 Playa Cocles

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Rose, Jefferson Band: Feel Like Dancing


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