Root, Jeff: Angst Cretin

Jeff Root: Angst Cretin
Title: Angst Cretin
Label: CD Baby

Whether he's snarling stinging, sentiments on the latter-day Who-worthy 'Angst Cretin,' or swept up in a wave of nostalgia on 'Beatlesmaniacs', or skewering himself with his biting, self-lacerating wit on 'Child of Technology', or romantically smoozing that being in love with you is like 'Christmas Everyday', or getting all tree-huggy with 'Never Ending Ring' or wondering what stories Liberace and Elvis swap while looking down at us from heaven, Root's latest, 'Angst Cretin' showcases his seasoned musicianship, clever wordplay and inspired whimsy in abundance. - Craig Semon - Worcester Telegram One of the best produced, best written CDs I have ever heard. Great singing on every song. One of the best album covers I have ever seen. Imaginative arrangements... Genius producing and arranging... Consistently superb... - Martin Olson (TV Producer, Comedy Writer - Rocko's Modern Life, Robin Williams, Ellen DeGeneres) Good entertainment... well-written lyrically... melodically too. I liked the reprise of Angst Cretin much better than the opening band - best cut on the whole CD. It's very Hollywood, but sort of Ed Wood-ish, with great touches of sound efx and fun-house mirror-type sounds. Pure fun! - Wayne Wadhams - (Record Producer, Songwriter, Artist - Fifth Estate, D-Men, Studio Musician - Lovin' Spoonful) 'Angst Cretin' Jeff Root's latest CD takes you on a magic carpet ride of lyrical playfulness and straight-ahead rock sensibility that is both electric and eclectic, but also uncompromisingly original...all without losing Jeff's uncanny sense of fun. it! - John Schlindler (Singer-Songwriter, Winner of 2003 Boston Folk Festival Songwriting Contest) Jeff Root's lyrics are a mix of pseudo-intellectual, techno-social commentary and just plain fun. He definately has a 60s flower child feel...but he pulls off a sort of toughness which means you can take him seriously. The style reminded me very much of a more upbeat version of Jethro Tull. The mix, while not groundbreaking, is perfect. It sounds like Jethro Tull meets Lovin' Spoonful. The drums sound very electric, but this works very well for creating a unique sound. If they really are electric, they were very well programmed and are never repetitive. The vocal effects sound great and the instrument sounds make the 60s sound complete. Also, on a good pair of speakers, the stereo picture is GREAT. The music is pure 60s Rock. I love the melody and layering. All of the instruments are played expertly. Jeff Root's voice is very much like Ian of Jethro Tull, which goes so well over this sort of music. - E Jeff Einowski -

1.1 Angst Cretin
1.2 Beatlemaniacs
1.3 Beatniks and Hippies
1.4 Child of Technology
1.5 Christmas Everyday
1.6 Media Deprivation
1.7 Never Ending Ring
1.8 Night Streams
1.9 Shut Up
1.10 Thundering Sky
1.11 Too Much to Do Hullaballoo
1.12 Up Through the Ether
1.13 Angst Cretin (Reprise)

Root, Jeff: Angst Cretin

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