Jeez Laweez: Jeez Laweez

Jeez Laweez: Jeez Laweez
Title: Jeez Laweez
Label: CD Baby

Jeez Laweez is Amy Blackburn (violin, viola, mandolin), Katie Gill (guitar and ukelele), and Nancy Harvin (bass, percussion, and harmonica). This debut album is an almost-live recording of off-kilter originals in stunning three-part harmony and favorites from the '60s to the '80s rearranged in unimaginable ways. When you listen, you can practically see them, resplendent in their wildly colorful mismatched outfits, looking like a little girl's game of dress-up gone wrong.

1.1 Jeez Laweez Jingle
1.2 No Mo'
1.3 Yer So Bad
1.4 Hallelujah
1.5 Space Oddity
1.6 Snap! Crackle! Pop!
1.7 This Groove
1.8 Just Me and the Moon
1.9 Psycho Killer
1.10 Jesus Is Better Than a Boyfriend
1.11 Time Enough
1.12 Little White Lies
1.13 Wild Thing

Jeez Laweez: Jeez Laweez

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