Jaw: Breaker

Jaw: Breaker
Title: Breaker
Label: CD Baby

After 'Back again' released in 2004, the more obvious Jaw style is on 'Breaker'. What makes this one something they're really proud of, is the time spent working on the songs, but also, the fact that there was no hurry to have it ready. They worked on the songs, left them for a while, sometimes months, came back with new ideas, until they'd be happy with them. So here we are again with simple pop melodies ("Tears of the sun", "Leaving", "Song about you", "Perverted guy"), blues rock ("Suzy's shuffle", "Rare"), rock ("Saved", "One more gig", "Such a drag") and the traditional tribute ("Mr F." for Robben Ford). We won't tell you but 'Such a drag' is also a kind of tribute, and yes, this one is so obvious....(love you Keith !). Just to prove, if needed, that there is no nostalgia in all this, there's a bit more in it: 'modern' songs ("Lydian heart") or funky groove ("Living my way"). Good stuff isn't it!

1.1 Saved
1.2 One More Gig
1.3 Leaving
1.4 Mister F (A Tribute to R. Ford)
1.5 Song About You
1.6 Lydian Heart
1.7 Living My Way
1.8 Tears of the Sun
1.9 Suzy's Shuffle
1.10 Perverted Guy
1.11 Rare
1.12 Such a Drag

Jaw: Breaker

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