Heilman, Jason: Do You See Project

Jason Heilman: Do You See Project
Title: Do You See Project
Label: CD Baby

PLEASE NOTE THAT INDIVIDUAL SALES OF THIS CD HELP SUPPORT THE DISTRIBUTION OF THIS CD PROJECT TO PRO-LIFE MINISTRIES NATION WIDE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE AND SUPPORT! FOR BULK ORDERS AND PRICES PLEASE CONTACT US BY EMAIL WITH YOUR REQUEST. THANK YOU! I am so excited about what the Lord is doing with this ministry tool. During a time of prayer in December of 2004 the Lord gave me this song and right away I knew it was a song of great destiny. I believe that the Lord has granted us a cutting edge tool that will influence many and literally save the lives of an emerging generation. Our vision is simple; to get the word of the Lord concerning life into the hands of America's abortion-minded. This project speaks the heart of the Lord concerning the value that He places on life. As we join with pro-life ministries all across the nation, we believe that this project will get into the hands of many thousands. Not only will it influence women to choose life for their children, it will also speak to men and women alike on the issue of life from the perspective of The Heavenly Father God. Having initially launched this project with Pregnancy Lifeline in Fort Worth, TX we have already had great response and influence in the community there and believe that this project will soon be available in many cities in our Nation in the coming months. I encourage you to be in touch with our ministry to find out how this project can be implemented into your ministry, community and city. The CD project itself contains several versions of the song 'Do You See' as well as two interviews. The first story is of a 19 year old girl that struggled with choosing an abortion, but then had the Lord change her heart. She speaks of the many blessings that her child has since been to her life. The second story is of a woman whose mother chose to give her life over forty years ago. She speaks of how her life would not have existed if it were not for the one decision her mother made to give her life. We believe that this combination of anointed music, prophetic lyrics, and true-life stories will impact many with God's heartbeat for life. I encourage you to continue to explore our website. Listen to the song and read about the possible impact that this project could make upon the mentality of our society. I believe that the heart of God will be conveyed to many through this project. When we receive the heart of God, our hearts will change. When our hearts change, our actions will change. When our actions change, our society will change! Let's get the word and heart of God into our society! Jason Heilman.

1.1 Do You See (Project Cut)
1.2 Introduction
1.3 Story 1
1.4 Story 2
1.5 Final Words from Jason
1.6 Do You See (Album Cut)
1.7 Do You See (Instrumental)

Heilman, Jason: Do You See Project

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