Buckner, Janice: Chanukah Holidays & Heritage/Jewish Traditions

Janice Buckner: Chanukah Holidays & Heritage/Jewish Traditions
Title: Chanukah Holidays & Heritage/Jewish Traditions
Artist: Buckner, Janice
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 737367031223
Genre: Children's

'Chanukah, Holidays & Heritage / Jewish Traditions' explores the joys of Judaism through tunes that make you sing and dance. Children learn of the rich Judaic culture through holiday and year round favorites. The Instrumental Sing-It-Yourself Karaoke Versions of every song is excellent for backround music at holiday parties, for teachers and assembly performances, and for your little ones to shine the lead vocalist as they sing the songs of their heritage. So join the Judaic celebration! 'Children's performer Janice Buckner has produced a collection of traditional Jewish songs for Chanukah and other religious holidays, sung in English and Hebrew. She provides young children with an understanding of holiday traditions through songs and prayers. This album would be a good introduction to Judaism for young children with it's easy to follow lyrics and simple production.' Deb Moore, Reviewer 'A gift you can give year round to your mother-in-law or bubba, as well as to your children! It brings laughter and tears.' Susie Lax, Israeli Actress.

1.1 Chanukah, Festival of Joy
1.2 Chanukah ; Dredel Medley
1.3 Chanukah Prayers
1.4 Mr. Shamash
1.5 MacAbee Song
1.6 Hora Dance Medley
1.7 Sabbath Prayers
1.8 Sunrise, Sunset
1.9 Kum Bahor Atzell
1.10 Oseh Shalom
1.11 Song of Atonement
1.12 Light One Candle
1.13 Chanukah, Festival of Joy - Instrumental
1.14 Chanukah ; Dreidel Medley - Instrumental
1.15 Mr. Shamash - Instrumental
1.16 MacAbee Song - Instrumental
1.17 Horah Dance Medley - Instrumental
1.18 Sunrise, Sunset - Instrumental
1.19 Kum Bahor Atzell - Instrumental
1.20 Oseh Shalom - Instrumental
1.21 Song of Atonement - Instrumental
1.22 Light One Candle - Instrumental

Buckner, Janice: Chanukah Holidays & Heritage/Jewish Traditions


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