Riehl, Janet Grace: Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry & Music

Janet Riehl Grace: Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry & Music
Title: Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry & Music
Label: CD Baby

Janet Grace Riehl calls herself a country girl who roamed the world, then followed her heart back home. A seasoned writer, artist, musician, and storyteller, Janet defies the stereotype of a down-home, heartland gal. Her travels have taken her across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, where she initiated and directed development projects, provided training, and taught. Her cross-cultural focus continued upon her return to the U.S. in her work with Native American pueblos, inner-city African Americans, Latinos, and-perhaps most foreign of all-the California computer industry. Janet was also the recipient of a three-year leadership fellowship in international development from the Kellogg Foundation. Sightlines: A Poet's Diary is Janet's family love story, a remembrance narrated in story poems that traverses the boundaries of life and death. In the words of one reviewer, the collection offers "village wisdom for the 21st century." Janet's writing has also been published in numerous literary venues including the Harvard Review, Cream City Review, and the International Poetry Review. Hot Flashes: More Sexy Little Poems and Stories is one of three publications where her work has been anthologized. She was twice selected as finalist for Poet Laureate of Lake County, California. Writing is the backbone but not the complete body of Janet's creative life. In 1990 she mounted "Celebrating an African Experience," a full-scale visual art exhibit incorporating large-scale paintings on cloth, creative writing, chants, songs, dances, and ceremonies. The enthusiastic reception spurred her to earn a BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts. Janet was subsequently awarded an Artist in BioRegional residence from the University of California at Davis. With her father in his 90s, Janet returned to the Midwest. She settled in St. Louis, not far from the home place her ancestors founded in the 1860s. In southwest Missouri, it sits high on a bluff above the Mississippi River. A return to her roots has re-stimulated Janet's writing beyond professional and literary journal writing. Poetry, memoir, short stories-all are genres she has embraced. Further exploration of new arenas led to the publication of an audiobook "Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Song." A companion piece to Sightlines: A Poet's Diary, music from her father's parlor and his jokes and stories anchor the original poems in their time and place. Africa and the Midwest. Visual, written, and performance arts. The intimate and the public. The woven strands secure Janet's heart so that she may follow it no matter it's destination.

1.1 Rainbow
1.2 Introduction
1.3 The Lost Waltz
1.4 Preface
1.5 You Know the Town Is Talking
1.6 Section 1: Skeeter
1.7 Julia Ann
1.8 In the Valley of the Moon
1.9 Blood on the Highway
1.10 In the Valley of the Moon
1.11 Blood on the Highway Prose
1.12 In the Valley of the Moon
1.13 Julia By Erwin Thompson
1.14 It's Hard to Say Goodnight, Little Girl
1.15 Just Like You and Me
1.16 Rainbow
1.17 Amelia's Double Rainbow Wisdom
1.18 Poultice
1.19 You Know the Town Is Talking
1.20 Valentine
1.21 In the Valley of the Moon
1.22 Reaper
1.23 Alabama Jubilee
1.24 Mail Call
1.25 Alabama Jubilee
1.26 Red Balloon
1.27 Where the Silvery Colorado Wends It's Way
1.28 Stone's Rag
1.29 Section 2: Slim, the Girl in the Little Blue Hat
1.30 Pop's Praise Poem
1.31 Big Brown Eyes
1.32 Rehearsal for Papa's Song
1.33 Stone's Rag
1.34 King's Sake
1.35 Don't Need a Rest from Music
1.36 Grooming Pop
1.37 Stone's Rag
1.38 Heartbeat
1.39 After the Ball
1.40 Letters
1.41 String Bridles
1.42 Writers
1.43 Scribbler
1.44 The Lost Waltz
1.45 Stomach
1.46 You Can Dream
1.47 These Hands
1.48 Love Under Your Nose
1.49 The Lost Waltz
1.50 Sweeping
1.51 Stone's Rag
1.52 Treasure Chest
1.53 Midnight Waltz
1.54 You Betcha
1.55 Big Brown Eyes
1.56 Dare Devil
1.57 Alabama Jubilee
1.58 Echo
1.59 A Mighty Pretty Waltz
1.60 Nesting
1.61 You Can Dream
1.62 I Dream of Genie
1.63 Complaint Department
1.64 Drifting
1.65 Section 3: Sweet Little Dove, Sweet Evelina
1.66 Praising Mother
1.67 Somebody's Waiting for You
1.68 Mama's Suitcase
1.69 Under Mama's Yew Tree
1.70 Woodpecker Song
1.71 Towhee #1
1.72 You Can Dream
1.73 Queen for a Day
1.74 Sweet Evelina
1.75 Queen Bee
1.76 In the Garden
1.77 Walking Meditation
1.78 Westphalia Waltz
1.79 Grandma's New Look
1.80 Stone's Rag
1.81 Room Service
1.82 Sweet Evelina
1.83 Rattler Story with Rattler Song
1.84 Safety Pin
1.85 Westphalia Waltz
1.86 Lotus Eater
1.87 The Lost Waltz
1.88 Catechism
1.89 In the Garden
1.90 Crocus
1.91 Sweet Evelina
1.92 Sight for Sore Eyes
1.93 Carolina Moon
1.94 Working Girl
1.95 You Can Dream
1.96 Scroll
1.97 The Lost Waltz
1.98 Butt Wipes
1.99 The Lost Waltz
1.100 Shit to Cake
1.101 Stone's Rag
1.102 Streaker
1.103 Big Brown Eyes
1.104 Alarm
1.105 When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder
1.106 Scare
1.107 Appetite
1.108 'Til We Meet Again
1.109 Section 4: Homeplace
1.110 Home Sweet Home
1.111 Rising
1.112 House at the End of the Lane
1.113 Muse Bruise
1.114 The Westphalia Waltz
1.115 Morning Practice
1.116 Ring Those Golden Bells for You and Me
1.117 Pope in My Bedroom
1.118 House at the End of the Lane
1.119 Window Frame, Somebody's Waiting for You
1.120 Ring Those Golden Bells for You and Me
1.121 Knick-Knacks
1.122 This Old Man
1.123 Paper
1.124 Somebody Stole My Gal
1.125 Crazy Sewing Box, Sorting
1.126 When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder
1.127 Bee's Knees with Rattler
1.128 Dark Town Strutters Ball
1.129 My Girl's Life in My Pink Room
1.130 Maw, He's Making Eyes at Me
1.131 Doll World
1.132 Home Sweet Home
1.133 Call of the Rails
1.134 Amazing Grace
1.135 Grace
1.136 Amazing Grace
1.137 Aunt Grace's House
1.138 Amazing Grace
1.139 Bull's Eye
1.140 Methodist Pie
1.141 Chicken
1.142 Methodist Pie
1.143 Gated Community
1.144 Stone's Rag
1.145 Bus Run
1.146 Alabama Jubilee
1.147 Horse Heaven
1.148 Ring Those Golden Bells for You and Me
1.149 Five Horse Hitch
1.150 House at the End of the Lane
1.151 Gully
1.152 Ring Those Golden Bells for You and Me
1.153 Loving Liberty
1.154 Methodist Pie
1.155 What Do They Know?
1.156 Missouri Auction
1.157 Somebody's Waiting for You
1.158 Up Under the Pine Rows
1.159 Carolina Moon
1.160 Walking Riehl Lane
1.161 It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
1.162 Section 5: Lakeside
1.163 Phone Call
1.164 When My Blue Moon Has Turned to Gold Again
1.165 Clarifying Questions (And One Answer)
1.166 There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder
1.167 Shuttle Service
1.168 Home Sweet Home (Song)
1.169 Home Sweet Home (Poem)
1.170 When the New Moon Comes Over the Mountain
1.171 Quail Visitation
1.172 Drifting
1.173 Fourth R
1.174 Moonlight on the Colorado
1.175 Circling Around Holes
1.176 Rainbow
1.177 Ashes Wash Clean, Rainbows End
1.178 Fall at the Lake
1.179 Snow Deer
1.180 Stay a Little Longer
1.181 Silver Bell
1.182 Anniversary with Crying Song, It's Hard to Say Goodnight
1.183 In the Valley of the Moon
1.184 Anniversary
1.185 In the Valley of the Moon
1.186 Anniversary
1.187 Where the Silvery Colorado Wends It's Way
1.188 Anniversary
1.189 Westphalia Waltz
1.190 Anniversary
1.191 When the Fiddler Has Played His Last Tune for the Night

Riehl, Janet Grace: Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry & Music

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