Johnson, Janet: Tunes That Teach and Tell

Janet Johnson: Tunes That Teach and Tell
Title: Tunes That Teach and Tell
Label: CD Baby

The songs on the Tunes that Teach and Tell album are so wonderful that they will make you want to snap your fingers, bob your head, rock from side to side, and wave your hands in the air! The songs are cleverly written from the heart, so they certainly reach the hearts of those who listen. After hearing for the first time, children say, 'Again!' 'Again!' 'Can we hear it again?'

1.1 Hello
1.2 Hey You! Don't Use Drugs (A Tribute to Michael and Gary Coleman)
1.3 Calandar Blues (A Tribute to Mrs. Aline Johnson)
1.4 I Want to Learn (Dedicated to Joan Wesley and Roberta Heater)
1.5 Skip Counting
1.6 Counting Blues (Includes Spanish)
1.7 Go Green (Earth Day)
1.8 It Hurts (Anti-Bullying Song)
1.9 Remember (A Tribute to 9-11, and Those Who Serve)
1.10 Martin's Cry (A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)
1.11 Mama (A Tribute to Mothers)
1.12 Daddy (A Tribute to Fathers
1.13 Graduation Day
1.14 Movin' on
1.15 Goodbye
1.16 Dream (Bonus Track)

Johnson, Janet: Tunes That Teach and Tell

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