Pulsford, Jan: Sketches of the Kyomoon

Jan Pulsford: Sketches of the Kyomoon
Title: Sketches of the Kyomoon
Label: CD Baby

Since you asked . . . Jan Pulsford honed her musical skills in London amidst the electronic and hair revolution of the 80s. She crafted her keyboard playing, programming and composing skills writing jingles, library music and scores for independent films. Her unique quirky brand of electronic orchestration was soon in demand and her music won awards at the New York Film Festival. After a succession of sessions and tours with artists ranging from the Buggles to Bananarama she joined the Thompson Twins and toured the world as their keyboard player. The 'Future Days' Tour brought Jan to the USA where she eventually settled building her own studio English Valley Music in the woods of Tennessee. Her production company Madame la Pulse Productions developed many independent artists including Felicia Collins who went on to become the guitarist for Late Night with David Letterman alongside Kat Dyson and Sir Jam who both became members of Prince's musical entourage. Jan's indie label Collecting Dust ' was one of the first online labels during the frenzied internet revolution of the 90s and released CDs by artists Nigel Pulsford, guitar player with multi platinum 90s rock band Bush and Grammy nominated Dulcimer legend the late David Schnaufer. She spent most of the nineties working as Cyndi Lauper's co-writer, producer and touring musical director. Touring the world together, their partnership spawned some of Lauper's most artistic and critically acclaimed work. Over twenty songs were released on Cyndi's albums '12 Deadly Cyns','Sisters of Avalon', 'Merry Xmas' and 'Shine' with the singles, 'Come on Home', 'You don't know' and 'Cleo and Joe' becoming remix hits in the clubs. As a songwriter she has written for Cyndi Lauper, Steps, Darlene Love, Happy Charles and even wrote the 'prestigious/infamous' UK Song for Europe with over twenty albums of music for film and TV released. The millennium saw Jan jumping feet first into a new century of technology whilst coming full circle meeting the 'new' term 'electronica'. She became a beta tester for Logic Audio's Rocket Network where she met legendary sax player Chico Freeman. The two have written an impressive amount of music including scoring for the Audrey Tatou film 'At the End', music for 'The Leaders' and 'Guataca' They are currently writing the Great American Songbook Part 3 A pioneer of on line collaboration Jan records with people all over the globe and is currently mixing jazz with electronica triphop and dance rhythms with the electronica project aTHeNa BLue. Her collection of 'BeATOne' music is used in healing spas all over the world and she performs in the virtual world of second life using the avatar JaNa KYoMooN. Listen on line to one of her many performances!

1.1 First Light
1.2 Aparticle
1.3 Red Moon
1.4 Purple Flowers
1.5 Pieces of 8
1.6 Ethereal Shadows
1.7 3 Moons in a Lifetime
1.8 Sailing on Clouds
1.9 Silver Shimmers

Pulsford, Jan: Sketches of the Kyomoon

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