Yuill, James: Turning Down Water For Air

James Yuill: Turning Down Water For Air
Title: Turning Down Water For Air
Artist: Yuill, James
Label: Nettwerk
UPC: 067003121521
Genre: Rock

Like many music lovers of his generation, James Yuill has a passion for both the emotional songwriting and atmospheres of artists such as Nick Drake, Radiohead and Sufjan Stevens and the visceral beats and dynamic rhythms of Justice, Chemical Brothers and Aphex Twin. Unlike anyone else however, Yuill has fused these seemingly disparate infuences into a magical sound of his very own, something that hasn't gone unnoticed; he is quickly becoming an influential part of London's popular "folktronica" scene.

1.1 You Always Do
1.2 Left Handed Girl
1.3 No Pins Allowed
1.4 This Sweet Love
1.5 Head Over Heels
1.6 The Ghost
1.7 No Surprise
1.8 Over the Hills
1.9 How Could I Lose
1.10 She Said in Jest
1.11 Breathing in
1.12 Somehow

Yuill, James: Turning Down Water For Air


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