Ish: Cardboard Wings

Ish: Cardboard Wings
Title: Cardboard Wings
Label: CD Baby

Ish delightfully shares his gifts as a family friendly Singer, Songwriter and Storyteller and his Concerts and Recordings blend good clean humor, positive messages and an upbeat musical style that appeals to young and old alike. Ish's charm and ability to relate to everyone from toddlers to grandparents is something that makes him unique for his performances and recordings are interactive, playful and shared in a socially responsible way. Cardboard Wings is a 10-song CD that paints a positive message amid all the fun and is a thoughtfully produced recording specifically recorded for children between the ages of 2-10 in the correct tempos, keys and language so they can sing along, clap their hands and have some fun. Yet it appeals to all ages. Ish's style is best described as a combination of imaginative and thoughtfully conceived storytelling lyrics played in a folk, blues, bluegrass, soft rock and country genre. Yet for this recording he decided to mix it up culturally by including some unexpected Jazz influences and wacky Polka - Circus - Rock as well as some off-the-wall sound effects, delightful voice over's. Plus lots of happy go lucky children singing along and having fun. Throughout this wonderful project Ish surrounded himself with associates who offered him solid, sound educational and musical advice and it shows in this wonderfully produced recording. It was produced with special guidance by David Frego (Music Enrichment Teacher and former Cellist with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet) and Catherine Ambrose whom is known for her work with Raffi and Ken Whitely. Cathy Ambrose (Primary Teacher / Music teacher / Arranger / Pianist / Children's Chorus Conductor and Juno winner - Raffi, etc...) This wonderful recording included a who's who of talented and well respected musicians and vocalists within the Canadian Music Industry such as Ken Whitely, Chris Whitely, Kideo, Markus, Kathleen Eyman, Lenny Graf, Craig Wingrove and Terry Draper. It also features the wonderful Glen Park Public School Children's Choir, led by Choir Masters Cathy Ambrose and David Frego. Ish co - produced "Cardboard Wings" with Engineer, Arranger Craig Wingrove (Piano Accompanist for the National Ballet School of Canada) as well with Engineer, Arranger and Mastered by Terry Draper whom is best known for his work with (Klattuu.) The song "I've got a Hole in my Umbrella" was produced by Jack Herman and co - arranged with Lenny Graf whom is best known for his work with Sharon, Lois and Bram.

1.1 Fun-Filled Afternoon
1.2 Bend Your Knees
1.3 Stop, Look ; Listen
1.4 Up to Bat
1.5 I've Never Ever Been the Same
1.6 Ashley and Shalev
1.7 I've Got a Hole in My Umbrella
1.8 Tale of a Whale
1.9 Three Times a Day
1.10 Cardboard Wings
1.11 Light of Day

Ish: Cardboard Wings

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