Into It. Over It.: Intersections

Into It. Over It.: Intersections
Artist: Into It. Over It.
Title: Intersections

Into It. Over It. Is the brainchild of Chicago, IL musician Evan Weiss. Having played in a number of bands over the years, Weiss had originally conceived Into it. Over It. ^#^as a means to break free from a musical rut. His project quickly took on a life of it's own and in true DIY fashion and went on to release a steady string of music while touring the world non-stop, both as solo artist and with a full band, including tours with Frank Turner, the Wonder Years, Owen and KOJI. For his Triple Crown debut Weiss went into the studio with Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine).

1.1 New North-Side Air
1.2 Spinning Thread
1.3 A Curse Worth Believing
1.4 Spatial Exploration
1.5 Favor ; Fiction
1.6 The Shaking of Leaves
1.7 Upstate Blues
1.8 No Amount of Sound
1.9 A Pair of Matching Taxi Rides
1.10 Obsessive Conpulsive Distraction
1.11 Your Antique Organ
1.12 Contractual Obligation

Into It. Over It.: Intersections


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