Vontier, Inigo: El Hijo Del Maiz Remixes

Inigo Vontier: El Hijo Del Maiz Remixes
Title: El Hijo Del Maiz Remixes
Artist: Vontier, Inigo
Label: Lumiere Noire
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
UPC: 4062548007329
Genre: Electronic

From the moment of it's release, Iñigo Vontier's El Hijo Del Maiz (LN 024LP, 2019) has become one of the most gripping albums of the moment. With South American and Middle Eastern sounds and his conception of music as ritual, the Mexican DJ keeps electronica in check with a valid mix of influences. The EP El Hijo Del Maiz Remixes marks the end of an episode which started, in good company, last autumn on the Lumière Noire label. The second track, "Bo Ni Ke," is distinguished by it's original - almost implausible - universe, with a Japanese-inflected vocal filter and oriental flutes taking the beats into a crazy trance. Leaning on a 4/4 rhythm, Simple Symmetry's remix of the track is also very playful (Vontier recently remixed "Nar" for Simple Symmetry). The Moscow duo pulls the track over to another, less terrestrial, more psychedelic universe, in their well-identified ethno-underground style. The remix of "Bo Ni Ke" by Nicola Cruz, a French-born Ecuadorian producer, enlivens the track by playing on the sounds of voices and South American percussion. The sounds here overlap with the demonological whims of Vontier but also those of Nicolas Jaar. The first track from the album, "Xu Xu" has been remixed by Roman Flügel, allowing a vinyl release of this incredible track. One could pick out the science of this headliner from a million. Flügel has been on the electronic scene since the early days, learning the ropes at prestigious labels Playhouse, Dial, and Klang. He has recently enhanced some emblematic tracks by Daniel Avery, Koze, Âme, Radio Slave, and C.A.R. and here once again the pioneer of techno is working miracles to create a more cerebral version of this track. Concluding the EP with Thomass Jackson, his co-founder of the label Calypso Records, Vontier offers up a genre-busting version of "Marijuana," like an ataxic play time, deliberately smoky for an explicitly licentious title.


Vontier, Inigo: El Hijo Del Maiz Remixes

Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE

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