Illumina: Nightlight

Illumina: Nightlight
Title: Nightlight
Label: CD Baby

Illumina is a collective of seven like-minded people who are all mostly from Pennsylvania, a fact they are willing to admit in public. The band started when Marc and Jen bonded over a shared love of mopey music - they recorded ten songs together and all was going swimmingly until Jen moved to England for six months. Upon her return, she found Marc had made them a band that included Pete and Minna. They played and played and played until they decided that four does not feel like a family, and so Benna was asked to bring some cello to the table. 'What's a cello without a violin?' they said, inviting Maura to play along with them one summer day. It was only when Tim made a guest appearance playing the shaker at one of their shows that they knew there was something truly magical happening between the seven of them. When they found out he was a stellar bass player, the decision was obvious: he had to join. Since then, they've been trying to fit on stages up and down the East Coast and have recorded their debut album, Nightlight, all by themselves, in their recording studio, Strange Weather. The album features the help of their friends, creating a total of fifteen players on the album, and is being released on their own label, Puffed Wheat Records. For fans of Elliott Smith, Low, Neutral Milk Hotel, Beulah, Sparklehorse and the Beatles among others.

1.1 Not Really
1.2 Acceptance As a Gift
1.3 In Effigy
1.4 Parts
1.5 Acceptance
1.6 Lullaby
1.7 You Used to Have Mileage
1.8 Scratch ; Save
1.9 We're in Love Again
1.10 What They Believe
1.11 Thoughtful Letters
1.12 The New Apology
1.13 I Want to Die
1.14 North

Illumina: Nightlight

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