Ike & The Capers: Jukebox Favorites

Ike & the Capers: Jukebox Favorites
Title: Jukebox Favorites
Label: CD Baby

10 years of rocking February 24th 1995 . Ike and the Capers play their very first show in Berlin.After Ike finishes the last number the four musicians lay down their picks and sticks grab a drink. It takes them a few minutes to realize what happened in the last two hours when they played their music to an entusiastic audience. Now they had a band! A band with a sound, a band with a name and it was their turn to look forward, to improve and to play more. They knew now that this band was something good and made plans of how to make it better, much better compared to those days were it all began..... 'We always met at record hops and shows and afterwards continued the party with other friends in bars or at someone´s apartment.Most of the times there was a guitar or whatever instrument to make noise with and we started goofin´around . Ike would often take the guitar and sing .That was so much fun that we later even brought instruments to the parties and it became a steady thing.At one of those parties we met a local DJ and he hired us to do the same thing on stage in a little Jazz-club were he hosted a record hop.' They started selecting their material more serious and rehearsed as a trio with two guitars and upright bass.They even had the chance to record themselves in a studio because Maurice knew the guy who was running it. Listening to the playbacks they knew that they wanted drums in the band.They hired Tina because they knew that she played drums since she was a kid.With the line-up complete they started to improve way faster just because the sound became more catchy and it was easier to keep the rhythm and feel. 'Ike got me my first instrument a hollow-body guitar and I saved all my pay to buy a small amp with echo.'New years eve 1994 they played for the first time on a party at the DJ´s house and they went down very well .Now it would not be too long before their first show in public in february 1995. In 1995 they got invited to appear on bigger shows in Berlin such as a Ray Campi Gig in april 1995. In may they left the town for their first national show with Crazy Cavan in Bremen and they soon signed a record deal with Part-Records, Germany.The Debut-album ´Loud and Silent´became a huge sucsess all over europe and took them to almost all european countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Spain.In 1997 they appeared at the HEMSBY-Rock and Roll festival as well as the ROCKABILLY-RAVE promoting both their new EP´I´m not shy to do´ on Part-Records and their second Longplayer on SFAX-Records,Spain.In june1998 they entered the TAIL-Studios in Jonköping,Sweden to record nother album called ´Four Alley Cats´ then took off for a four week US-tour over California, Washington, Colorado,Nevada and Arizona. In 2000 the recording work continued and TAIL released the fourth Longplayer ´Hello there´.The band went on to perform on festivals in Germany, France and at the GREENBAY ROCKIN´50s FEST, Greenbay,Wisconsin USA in july 2002 (here you can find videos from the Greenbay show) .The Capers performed at Hemsby 34 in may 2005, at the Screamin´Festival in Spain and the Rockabilly Rave in march 2006!

1.1 Interstate Fizz
1.2 Watcha Thinkin of That
1.3 You
1.4 My Baby Goes Rockin
1.5 Honeybun
1.6 Come Into My Arms
1.7 It's My Way
1.8 Who Wouldn't Love You
1.9 I Wanna Make Love
1.10 I'm Alone Tonight
1.11 Please Try
1.12 Right One to Hold
1.13 Promises

Ike & The Capers: Jukebox Favorites

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