Hurtling: Future From Here

Hurtling: Future From Here
Title: Future From Here
Artist: Hurtling
Label: Onomatopoeia Records
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 634114018912
Genre: Rock

LP version. Future From Here is the debut album from Hurtling. Jen Macro, their guitarist and singer, wrote most of the songs while touring in My Bloody Valentine. The album kicks-off at the "Start", a beginning of sweet melodies and a love song from "me to you", crunching straight into "Memory Cassette", a sun-drenched medicine for melancholy. "Feel It", bold and courageous dives deeper into darker spheres, while "Summer" paints beautiful melodious colors over the top of your sunscreen, lifting you out of your melancholy gently and purposefully. The more luscious pop tones of "Eb One", or "Alone", are tales of love and loss, contrasting with the heavy, crunching agitation of "Please Don't Know Us". The journey is characterized in "Call To Arms", Jen's voice drops to a whisper, in a courageous desire to move stridently into the future. Influences include The Breeders, Elliott Smith, and Sonic Youth, to name a few, as well as reflecting the dreamy, hazy atmospheres of My Bloody Valentine, whose live band Macro has been a member for a number of years.


Hurtling: Future From Here

Product-type:VINYL LP

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