Hot Flash Heat Wave: Sportswear

Hot Flash Heat Wave: Sportswear
Title: Sportswear
Label: MVD Audio
Product Type: VINYL LP

Sportswear is a world of it's own, a vision that encompasses not just music, but art, storytelling and fashion as well. Sonically we felt drawn to elements from early goth, new wave, and house, taking them through our filter of indie, psychedelia, r&b and modern pop. We were also inspired by the style and hyper-individualism of late 90s club culture and anime. The name Sportswear is a cheeky nod to this tapestry of influences and the disambiguation of trends and subculture, as they become commodified for mass appeal and lose their deeper meaning. Lyrically the record speaks to our personal life struggles and soul searchings as well as existential sensations and narrations. Hot Flash Heat Wave is here to take you away-to put your head in the clouds for a few minutes, if only to enjoy the view. The San Francisco trio of Adam Abildgaard, Nick Duffy, and Ted Davis have built a loyal following and constant buzz over the last several years, with the 2019 EP Mood Ring standing as their most kaleidoscopic work to date.

1.1 Yesterday
1.2 2 Birds
1.3 Bay Boys
1.4 Where I'm @
1.5 Vampries
1.6 Grudge
1.7 M O T I O N S
1.8 Spin
1.9 The Void
1.10 Like Nothing Else
1.11 Bridge to Nowhere

Hot Flash Heat Wave: Sportswear

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