Hollywood Flames: Buzz Buzz Buzz: The Singles Collection 1950-62

Hollywood Flames: Buzz Buzz Buzz: The Singles Collection 1950-62
Title: Buzz Buzz Buzz: The Singles Collection 1950-62
Artist: Hollywood Flames
Label: Acrobat
UPC: 824046911621
Genre: Soul/R & B

The Hollywood Flames were a doowop and R&B vocal group, who formed in Los Angeles in 1949, and remained active under a variety of names and with evolving line-ups through into the early 1960s, enjoying a major pop and R&B hit with "Buzz Buzz Buzz" in 1957, and with Bobby Day as featured singer had big hits as Bobby Day & The Satellites. With Robert Byrd (aka Bobby Day), David Ford, Gaynel Hodge and Earl Nelson as long serving key members among the changing personnel, they recorded variously as the Flames, Hollywood Four Flames, The Jets, The Question Marks, The Satellites, The Ebbtides, and The Turks, their records being released on an equally bewildering array of labels. This great-value 78-track 3-CD set comprises most of their A & B sides of their releases under those names on the Selective, Unique, Fidelity, Specialty, Recorded In Hollywood, Spin, 7-11, Swing Time. Lucky, Aladdin, Money, Cash, Class, Ebb, Chess, Goldie and Coronet labels during these years. It features their pop No. 11 and R&B No. 5 "Buzz Buzz Buzz", and R &B No. 26 "Gee", plus the pop No. 2 and R&B No. 1 "Rockin' Robin", and the pop chart entries "Little Bitty Pretty One" and "Over And Over". As a group whose music had to compete a dynamic and rapidly evolving market, it encompasses old-school doowop, R&B, and in the later years pure rock 'n' roll, and this substantial collection is thoroughly entertaining showcase for their talent and versatility.

1.1 Please Tell Me Now
1.2 Young Girl
1.3 Sugar Man Pt. 1
1.4 Sugar Man Pt. 2
1.5 Dividend Blues
1.6 W-I-N-E
1.7 Tabarin
1.8 The Wheel of Fortune
1.9 Later
1.10 Cryin' for My Baby
1.11 I'll Always Be a Fool
1.12 She's Got Something
1.13 Young Girl
1.14 Baby Please
1.15 Strange Land Blues
1.16 Cryin' for My Baby
1.17 The Glory of Love
1.18 Volcano
1.19 Gomen Nasai (Forgive Me)
1.20 Keep on Smiling
1.21 Baby Baby Baby
1.22 Baby, Pretty Baby
1.23 Let's Talk It Over
1.24 I Know
1.25 Go and Get Some More
2.1 One NGHT with a Fool
2.2 Ride Helen Ride
2.3 I'll Hide My Tears
2.4 Got a Little Shadow
2.5 Peggy
2.6 Ooh la la
2.7 Fare Thee Well
2.8 Clickety Clack I'm Leaving
2.9 Emily
2.10 Wagon Wheels
2.11 It Can't Be True
2.12 The Sound of Your Voice
2.13 My Confession
2.14 I Bow to You
2.15 Oh Gee, Oh Golly
2.16 Little Bitty Pretty One
2.17 When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano
2.18 Buzz Buzz Buzz
2.19 Beep Beep Beep
2.20 Give Me Back My Heart
2.21 A Little Bird
2.22 Two Little Bees
2.23 It's Love
2.24 Strollin' on the Beach
2.25 Frankenstein's Den
2.26 Little Turtle Dove
2.27 Rockin' Robin
3.1 Over and Over
3.2 Heavenly Angel
3.3 You Ain't Saying Nothing
3.4 I'll Get By
3.5 A Star Fell
3.6 I'll Be Seeing You
3.7 Just for You
3.8 So Good
3.9 There Is Something on Your Mind
3.10 Now That You're Gone
3.11 Hawaiian Dream
3.12 Much Too Much
3.13 In the Dark
3.14 Every Day, Every Way (I'll Always Be in Love with You)
3.15 If I Thought You Needed Me
3.16 Ball and Chain
3.17 I Found a Boy
3.18 Devil or Angel
3.19 Do You Ever Think of Me
3.20 Money Honey
3.21 My Heart's on Fire
3.22 Gee
3.23 Yes They Do
3.24 Believe in Me
3.25 Elizabeth
3.26 I Can't Get a Hit Record

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Hollywood Flames: Buzz Buzz Buzz: The Singles Collection 1950-62


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