Holder's Scar: Sin Without Doubt

Title: Sin Without Doubt
Label: To Live a Lie
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Limited seven inch vinyl pressing. North Carolina - when you think of hardcore and punk you may think of Corrosion Of Conformity or even Double Negative but not much else. This state is amazing for music because scenes form in clusters and build up and then unfortunately implode... so when the scene expands it is a really special and ephemeral experience. Between To Live a Lie and Sorry State we were able to capture a good cross section of the hardcore takeover of Raleigh a few years ago between Abuse, Last Words, Thieves, Double Negative, Cross Laws, Stripmines, etc. That bubble burst and there is some exciting stuff forming in the ash of it here (Skemata, Blackball, and No Love). Right now Greensboro has a thriving scene revolving around some younger blood, primarily the guys in Holder's Scar. Members of the band separately book almost every single DIY show in town. On top of that, HS puts on an amazing show and this record rips so fast it will make your head spin! Recorded at the world famous Legitimate Business by master audio technician Kris Hilbert (who also recorded the Torch Runner LP and half the bands mentioned above), this record lays down some raging hardcore punk akin to a lot of the punk of yore in NC: Stripmines, Thieves, and maybe throw in some of the new blood from Virginia like BargE and Meth Lab. Be on the lookout for Holder's Scar coming through your town as they aren't a band you want to miss out on!

1.1 Sick Town
1.2 Sin Without Doubt
1.3 Another Excuse
1.4 Runt
1.5 F.D.I.S
1.6 Downwards

Holder's Scar: Sin Without Doubt

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