High Priest Kwatamani: Prophetic 12594-Year Benu Cycle: Encoding the Cons

High Priest Kwatamani: Prophetic 12594-Year Benu Cycle: Encoding the Cons
Title: Prophetic 12594-Year Benu Cycle: Encoding the Cons
Label: CD Baby

Greetings to each and every one of you who consume of this message, ...as we prepare for the clock to strike twelve,..the Sacred Few must consume and tune into the coded energy provided for you in this new CD (and companion text) formatted to activate the spiritual codes of divine spirit-conscious thought, reasoning and action. ***And for those who really just don't give a damn about anything except their own individualistic trip of selfishness, ***for those who have a focus on feeding the lusting greed of their false, fake and pretentious ego trips into oblivion, ***for those who have so deeply emerged into envy and jealousy about the fact that the I in I forward in action as a sacred elder responsible to the generation next... ***for those who have become mesmerized by a bunch charismatic rap while remaining entrapped in the rhetoric of nothingness in order to support a personal economic con game played under a spirituality name, the I in I say: PLEASE move on if you are not able to get into this groove of forwarding the Higher Peace energy through divine social-economic family-community order for this is all that you will feel, sense, hear, taste and see from the I in I for the rest of this 12,594-year Benu Cycle and hereafter... Smile if you love Higher Peace, and your smile can be seen in your actions of shifting and re-reshaping your priorities beginning with the purchase and consumption of the energy within this new CD (and book) that has actually been forwarded from the Essence of the Most Supreme Seen and Unseen Ancestral Spirit Presence of Masculine and Feminine Energy in a last-ditch effort to resurrect divine spirit-conscious thought, reasoning and action into your personalized being. In other words, don't be so lethargic and passive and complacent, so stagnant and stale and pale. WAKE UP, and live within the Circle of Life that is for those living in divine order, regardless of the color of one's skin. Those who have already purchased this CD, please do not hesitate to speak out, share the message, tell somebody else or write a review and send it to us, or whomever else you chose. We are confident, and it is already showing from those who have contacted us that this is the REAL DEAL -- finally, as the I in I promised during the times of the Philadelphia First Innercourse during late 1970's and 80's where raw-and-living energy was the rule and not the exception. Take a look around and see how the prophecy that was spoken has come to be and how ignoring the supreme truth spoken by the I in I at that time now manifests in the foul wretched decay among He and She.

1.1 Prelude
1.2 Dedication to the High Priest Kwatamani and the Kwatamani Royal Family
1.3 Ancestral Call
1.4 Every Once in Awhile
1.5 The True Story of Ausar, Auset and Heru, and the Brother of Self-Center
1.6 Sethian Curse
1.7 Oblivion
1.8 Let the Madness Cease
1.9 Running Out of Time
1.10 12,594 Earth Cycles
1.11 Right Here, Right Now
1.12 Love Our Way Out of This Thing
1.13 In the Quiet, Peaceful Jungle
1.14 Have You Haerd the Message of the Benu Bird?

High Priest Kwatamani: Prophetic 12594-Year Benu Cycle: Encoding the Cons

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