Hellogoodbye: S'only Natural

Hellogoodbye: S&
Artist: Hellogoodbye
Title: S'only Natural
Product Type: VINYL LP

A mainstay of heartfelt danceable pop since 2006's 'Here In Your Arms', 'Would It Kill You?' (2010), & 'Everything Is Debatable' (2013), Hellogoodbye have uttered beauty once more.Imagine Studio 54, except instead of coke, everyone has a glass of red wine and maybe just smoked a little weed. On S'Only Natural, the fourth album from Hellogoodbye, songwriter Forrest Kline adapts the sonic palette of those 1970's disco groups like Chic and Sister Sledge to interact with his perfectionist production style and timeless pop song-craft. The record moves with a mature and tightly restrained momentum, never too eager or hamming up the premise. Kline's melodies lay relaxed over the four-on-the-floor beats and hypnotic bass runs, so universal they could fit nearly any genre, but they feel most at home here.The title track of S'Only Natural conjures up a celebratory vision of balloons falling from the ceiling. Illuminated by sweeping disco strings, the song grooves forward with unassuming confidence, like Meryl Streep sauntering back up to the podium to grab her third Oscar of the night.On another album standout 'I'll Keep On Following You,' Kline's voice is simultaneously soothing and urgent, and his words weave together with surprising turns, all the while landing in such a comforting and familiar way. All over the record, it's like Forrest is telling you something reassuring you've always heard, but didn't really believe until he said it. He's talking you down after you just had the worst day at work, exuding such self-assuredness and positivity that you have no choice but to accept it as the truth.

Hellogoodbye: S'only Natural

Product-type:VINYL LP

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