Haydn / Shirvani / Orchestra Notturna Clandestina: Cello-Konzerte

Haydn / Shirvani / Orchestra Notturna Clandestina: Cello-Konzerte
Title: Cello-Konzerte
Artist: Haydn / Shirvani / Orchestra Notturna Clandestina
Label: Antes
UPC: 4014513038340
Genre: Classical Artists

"I imagined a 360 degree discovery voyage of the cello, with the intention of showcasing the full range of it's possibilities through a varied and contrasting repertoire. Beginning with great pillars of the cello repertoire like Haydn's C major concerto, which enhances the virtuoso possibilities of the cello with it's classical language, and Tchaikovsky's Rococo Variations displaying maximum romanticism, it passes by fiery early twentieth century Spain, and approaches the world of con-temporary music with "Childhood", composed byEnrico Melozzi. "Childhood", a work dedicated to me, explores in particular the entire range of timbres thecello has to offer, from the lowest octave to the most daringly high registers. I always think that the cello is the human voice of the performer and it is for this reason that the idea arose to include instrumental versions of works for voice. In Giovanni Sollima's reckless version for cello and orchestra of "Una voce poco fa" from The Barber of Seville I adore the irony Rossini uses in the role of Rosina. The melancholy of a Persian melody, a popular theme passed down orally by my Iranian grandfather, orchestrated by Enrico Melozzi, devours the cello with it's poignance and sensuality." (Leila Shirvani)


Haydn / Shirvani / Orchestra Notturna Clandestina: Cello-Konzerte


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