Hate Forest: To Twilight Thickets

Hate Forest: To Twilight Thickets
Artist: Hate Forest
Title: To Twilight Thickets

Now in limited digipak format, this gloomy classic from Hate Forest! CD includes the seminal demos The Curse and Temple Forest. 16 tracks, over an hour of elite black metal/ambient compositions.

1.1 Inmost Winter
1.2 To the Thickets and Swamps
1.3 Black Forest
1.4 The Most Ancient Ones
1.5 The Elders
1.6 Darkness
1.7 The Night of Winter Solstice
1.8 The Curse
1.9 Majesty of the Approaching Forest
1.10 Snow Covers
1.11 Faded Gold of Autumn
1.12 First Rays of the Rising Sun
1.13 Moon
1.14 Spectral and Sad Is Thy Forest Dance
1.15 Cold Early Morning Mist
1.16 Winterfall
1.17 Sunset and Twilight

Hate Forest: To Twilight Thickets


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