Theessink, Hans: Jedermann Remixed - the Soundtrack

Hans Theessink: Jedermann Remixed - the Soundtrack
Title: Jedermann Remixed - the Soundtrack
Label: Blue Groove
Product Type: VINYL LP

A low-key but emotionally moving collection of stripped down songs, performed by Hans Theessink, who plays and sings with singular grace, using his honeyed baritone and his soulful pickin' to reinterpret songs by people as diverse as Hank Williams, Tom Waits, Bo Diddley, Johnny Cash, and the Rolling Stones, recasting all of their familiar tunes and a few of his own in service to a movie based on the Austrian version of Everyman, the English morality play.

1.1 Way Down in the Hole
1.2 The Man Comes Around
1.3 No Expectations
1.4 I'm a Man
1.5 Mother's Advice
1.6 Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
1.7 The Beast in Me
1.8 You Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond
1.9 The Angel of Death
1.10 Oh Sinner Man
1.11 Call Me
1.12 Sympathy for the Devil

Theessink, Hans: Jedermann Remixed - the Soundtrack

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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