Handful of Luvin': Balance

Handful of Luvin&
Title: Balance
Label: CD Baby

You cannot mention the name Handful of Luvin' without getting some sort of reaction. It's usually, 'Oh, I've heard them. They are great!' or 'My friend played me their CD. I loved it!' or 'They're called WHAT? That's nasty.' The name Handful of Luvin' isn't meant to be crude or suggestive. It simply describes how these guys treat each other, how much they appreciate their fans, and what they do when they take the stage. You won't hear a conversation amongst HOL's members that doesn't end in 'I love you,' or 'much love.' And you can see that in their music. Handful of Luvin' started way back in 2003. David John (guitar and vocals) was a solo artist with a ton of songs when he met his compliment, Andrew Joslyn (fiddle man). David's ability to write and play great songs was accented perfectly by Andrew's 'let's get down' fiddle style. They started playing together and soon realized the potential of their sound. 'We need a band,' they both said at the exact same time (creepy). Billy Hooper (hand percussion) has known David John longer than anyone. If Handful of Luvin' was an emotion, Billy would be it's physical form. 'I just think we are... I don't know... a Handful of Luvin'!' said Mr. Hooper with his palm up. BOW! The name stuck. Patrick Files (bass) looks like one of the craziest people I know. He has sweeping black hair that usually covers one eye, while the other is framed by his savage eyebrow. Then, he starts to dance. The kid can play bass like a fiend and gig-out at the same time, which drives HOL to keep him dancing forever. Mike Knight (drums) is the most laid-back perfectionist in Shoreline. Mike's attention to detail is what keeps Handful of Luvin' smooth. 'I don't like it man. I meant to go dah-dee-dee-dee-dah-flip-flap-barat. But, whatever.' These kinds of statements leave Handful of Luvin' puzzled and working hard. When these guys come together, in any setting, it is never disappointing. Handful of Luvin' has an energy that is unparalleled as well as contagious. They are often compared to the likes of Dispatch, O.A.R., Carbon Leaf, Nickel Creek, and the little-known Dave Matthews Band. They have worked very hard to get where they are today, which is proven in the amount of time it has taken to get there. Handful of Luvin' has gained fans so fast that the places they play are hit unexpectedly. Nights that HOL plays are notorious for bartenders getting called in on their days off to handle the crowds. HOL has gone from the Boxcar Alehouse to the legendary Showbox in one year and they have only just begun. Handful of Luvin' will make it's mark on the world of music and we want you to be there to see it. So join the ride. Much Luv!

1.1 Margaritas
1.2 Pedestal
1.3 Graffiti
1.4 But Not Today
1.5 East Coast
1.6 Baltimore
1.7 Remember to Work
1.8 Hopin' for New
1.9 Blue Light
1.10 Birthdays

Handful of Luvin': Balance

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