Gypsy Soul: Sanctuary

Gypsy Soul: Sanctuary
Title: Sanctuary
Artist: Gypsy Soul
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 656097771226
Genre: Folk

The Music of Gypsy Soul is a 'Conversation With God'. - Neale Donald Walsch, New York Times Best selling author. Listener reviews of Sanctuary. 'I love this CD. I've been a huge fan of Gypsy Soul ever since I saw them perform live nearly a year ago in San Francisco. Their latest release, Sanctuary is one of my all-time favorite Cds. Gypsy Soul is undeniably an awesome band. Their music is comprised of incredibly touching lyrics, sung by the angelic-soulful voice of Cilette Swan, carefully balanced with the instrumentally flawless sounds crafted by the master of various instruments, Roman Morykit. As a result, every song on Sanctuary is BEAUTIFULLY moving. I can't imagine being without this CD, it spins constantly through my CD player. This is more than a recomendation, it is a declaration. Sanctuary is a neccessity in every music lover's collection.' 'I've been a fan of Gypsy Soul's music for about 3 years now and every time I see them perform live, they still continue to amaze me! SANCTUARY, their latest release is extraordinary. Cilette's transcendant vocals and Roman's phenomenal guitar work (and the other million instruments he experiments with!) creates the perfect balance between sheer beauty and driving intensity (good example: track #1 Can't Let This Go). Their sound is purely unique and this is definetly apparent after the first listen. If you can't experience Gypsy Soul's brilliant artistry and creative vibe at a live performance than you must experience SANCTUARY. It's the next best thing.' 'Gypsy Soul's sound is in one word 'Amazing'. Cilette and Roman are two of the most talented artists I've seen in along time. Listing to them perform live and for the first time was a experience I'll never forget. The music they produce is definetlly more than five stars , it's a 10 in my books!!!' 'Pleasantly surprised upon listening to this CD. Cilette Swan has got more emotion in her wide vocal range than what should given to one person. Additionaly the music is fresh, and the guitar work by Roman Morykit is wonderful. A 'must have' CD!' MEDIA QUOTES: 'CRITICS CHOICE!' L.A. TIMES, SAN FRANCISCO HERALD, OC WEEKLY and 20 other publications 'Gypsy Soul's 'Test of Time' is the best music to fall in love to.' -NBC's THE TODAY SHOW 'Gypsy Soul, the exquisite duo, is one of the most brilliantly instrumented and vocally adept bands alive and kicking. The most original material in the Folk-Rock scene today.' -THE ORANGE COUNTY WEEKLY 'Gypsy Soul creates gourmet music for music lovers.'-KLOS RADIO 'Cilette Swann's voice is haunting and Roman Morykit's musicianship is superb. Their music stirs the soul and moves the spirit.' MONICA RIZZO: US Weekly 'Soundtrack producers looking for the next Sarah McLachlan or spiritual descendent of Roxy music...their music is mesmerizing.' - MUSIC CONNECTION 'They combine vocal melodies into a lush, soulful European Folk,Celtic/Rock and r&b sound.' -THE MUSIC PAPER, NY BIOGRAPHY: Gypsy Soul create an unforgettable musical landscape that is as rootsy as it is atmospheric and haunting. Cilette Swann's exquisitely powerful vocals lead, while partner Roman Morykit balances the band's ethereal edge with inspired bass and guitar counterpoint. Cilette writes lyrical tales with impassioned insight and Roman creates the evocative musical tapestry, which the two effortlessly marry. Roman, an experienced producer with fourteen CDs to his credit, handles all of the production and most of the instrumentation for Gypsy Soul's CDs. Their extraordinary music and unique sound has been likened to artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Eva Cassidy, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Allison Kraus, Shawn Colvin and Loreena McKennitt for it's depth and beauty. The two met in Scotland and have traveled the world together for 13 years. Between the two of them, the duo has lived in five different countries, thus, bringing to their music, the influences of many cultures. Gypsy Soul's inspiration also stems from their diverse family roots: Roman is British, of Italian and Ukrainian decent, while Canadian-born Cilette's heritage is Irish and South African. Their eclectic 'Triple A' sound reflects this diversity and is categorized as 'World/Acoustic-Rock' as often as it is called 'Celtic/Americana'. Of their eight critically acclaimed CDs, Gypsy Soul have sold over 75,000 CDs independently without distribution. Through the band's relentless touring they have garnered enormous regional support through fans, media and radio. Their songs have been heard on over 900 radio stations nationwide and abroad. To date, Gypsy Soul have been a 'Top Pick/Critic's Choice' in over twenty publications and have received outstanding press in most of the entertainment trades including: Billboard, Album Network, R & R, Hollywood Reporter, Dirty Linen and Performing Songwriter. The band has had over 100 airings of it's music nationally and internationally on numerous film and television shows on all the major U.S. Networks. These include the hit NBC show, 'Providence', 'Felicity', 'Roswell', Movie's of The Week, 'The Young and The Restless', The Melissa Etheridge hosted show, 'Beyond Chance' and many others. Their music has also been featured on the motion picture films, 'After Sex' starring Brooke Shields and the 2004 movie, 'Quicksand' starring Michael Caine and Michael Keaton. Gypsy Soul have headlined nationally and internationally at hundreds of festivals, universities, wineries, resorts and respected theatres/clubs including: The Troubadour, The Galaxy Theater, The Coach House. Craterian, Little Fox Theatre, Key Club and Egyptian Theatre among others. Gypsy Soul have also opened for award winning artists including: Grammy winners - Larry Klein and Toni Childs, Los Lobos, Beth Neilsen-Chapman, Edie Brickell and Martin Page to name a few. The group has showcased at many industry booking conferences including: EAT-M, IAFE, OFEA and Arts NW to name a few. The pair have made amazing in-roads on the internet having been a featured artists on almost every music web site. They've had over 1.2 MILLION downloads and plays on with Ten #1 songs and their Somewhat Acoustic sampler has been the best selling DAM CD on the MP3 site. The group's latest endeavors include their first Live CD, entitled One Beautiful Night - recorded enitrely in one evening and released in late 2004. Their upcoming 2005 release is their first cover song CD, Beneath the Covers, paying homage to many of the 70's and 80's artists who inspired them as writer/performers, including Daniel Lanois, Peter Gabriel and U2 among others. The band's songs have been featured on numerous samplers including Cost Plus' Holiday sampler, Santa Baby with George Harrison, Marc Cohen, Keb Mo, Aimee Mann as well as on Best of The Northwest . For more detailed information, music clips and live video footage, please visit the band's website at: or call (425) 427-9058 for media kits/CDs, pricing and presenter referrals. LABEL and BOOKING: Jacksonville, OR Phone (425) 427-9058 Contact: Heidi Bowen:

1.1 Can't Let This Go
1.2 Here and Now
1.3 Talk to Me
1.4 Epona's Thunder (Instrumental)
1.5 Crying Colours
1.6 Inthe Knowing of You
1.7 Won't Be Wronged
1.8 Scream to Be Heard
1.9 Another Morning
1.10 Solace (Live)

Gypsy Soul: Sanctuary


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