Gusto Extermination Fluid: Cleaner

Gusto Extermination Fluid: Cleaner
Title: Cleaner
Label: CD Baby

Gusto Extermination Fluid is a reflection of the spiraling madness that is 21st century humanity and a witness to it's final descent into hate-fueled oblivion: Gusto - Zest, enjoyment, relish or vigour. Archaic - style of artistic execution. Extermination - Destroy utterly. Get rid of; eliminate. Complete destruction. Fluid - Able to fl ow & alter shape freely. Constantly changing or fluctuating. GEF is the work of PT who previously operated in 90s industrial noise band Sonic Violence, once described as "the soundtrack to your favourite Orwellian nightmare". The intervening years have been mainly spent foraging in the sanctuary of the hedgerows. Meanwhile: The dumb have got dumber. The greed-heads have got greedier. The doomed still haven't realised they're doomed. And we are increasingly controlled by psychopaths. "The Cleaner" is an album that combines old school industrial, electronica, dark ambient and dub and pushes them into new sonic places. Sounding like the musical accompaniment to a fi lm centred on urban decay and life in a soulless post-everything society, "The Cleaner" takes the listener on a journey through the wasteland of modern life. From the powerful body hit of tracks like 'Wound' and 'Hurone B' to the brooding dark ambience of 'Pileus' and 'Bees Tick', "The Cleaner" undulates with the menace and dread of the world that lurks beneath the surface. Musical points of reference would be Future Sound of London's Dead Cities (if the hippy shtick was buried alive), Scorn,Terminal Cheesecake, Einstürzende Neubauten and Test Dept.

1.1 Wound
1.2 Fistrip
1.3 Oiskobi
1.4 Horselip
1.5 Below
1.6 Pileus
1.7 Bees Tick
1.8 Scurvysh
1.9 Hurone B
1.10 Trashed

Gusto Extermination Fluid: Cleaner

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