Groningen Guitar Duo: Original Album Classics

Groningen Guitar Duo: Original Album Classics
Title: Original Album Classics
Label: Columbia/Legacy Euro

2007 five CD set, a great installment in Sony/BMG's Original Album Classics series that brings together rare and out of print titles with some best sellers from the Sony/BMG Jazz catalog. Many of these albums have been unavailable on CD for some time and are sought after by collectors. Each set is presented in a high quality, rigid cardboard slipcase containing five 'vinyl replica' mini LP sleeves. This collection from the Jazz guitarist features the albums Shakti, a Handful of Beauty, Natural Elements, Electric Guitarist and Inner Worlds.

1.1 New York on My Mind
1.2 Frienship
1.3 Every Tear from Every Eye
1.4 Do You Hear the Voices You Left Behind?
1.5 Are You the One? Are You the One?
1.6 Phenomenon: Compulsion
1.7 My Foolish Heart
2.1 Guardian Angels
2.2 Miles Davis
2.3 Electric Dreams, Electric Sighs
2.4 Desire and the Comforter
2.5 Love and Understanding
2.6 Singing Earth
2.7 The Dark Prince
2.8 The Unknown Dissident
3.1 Joy
3.2 Lotus Feet
3.3 What Need Have I for This-What Need Have I for That-I Am Dancing at the Feet of My Lord-All Is Bliss-All Is Bliss
4.1 Mind Ecology
4.2 Face to Face
4.3 Come on Baby Dance with Me
4.4 The Daffodill and the Eagle
4.5 Happiness Is Being Together
4.6 Bridge of Sighs
4.7 Get Down and Sruti
4.8 Peace of Mind
5.1 La Danse Du Bonheur
5.2 Lady L
5.3 India
5.4 Kriti
5.5 Isis
5.6 Two Sisters

Groningen Guitar Duo: Original Album Classics

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