Gries, Tamara: Woodworks

Gries, Tamara: Woodworks
Title: Woodworks
Label: Divine Art

For those who think the recorder is just a boring instrument for young schoolchildren, here is the proof of the opposite!. This CD contains classic works by Handel, Vivaldi and Couperin but also new and exciting works by contemporary composers. Accompanied by a fine chamber ensemble, Australian performer Tamara Gries shows, in the words of Prof. David Tunley (University of Western Australia) that "the recorder is truly a fine and expressive instrument that finds a deserved niche in music of our own century as well as in that from earlier times".

1.1 Andantino
1.2 Larghetto
1.3 Allegro
1.4 Larghetto
1.5 A Tempo Di Gavotta
1.6 Allegro
1.7 Movement I
1.8 Movement II
1.9 Movement III
1.10 Poco Allegro
1.11 Larghetto
1.12 Allegro
1.13 Adagio
1.14 Allegro
1.15 Allegro
1.16 Largo
1.17 Allegro
1.18 Largo
1.19 Allegro Molto
1.20 Sonata
1.21 Allegro Molto-Meno Mosso

Gries, Tamara: Woodworks

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