Gospel City: Storm Troopers

Gospel City: Storm Troopers
Title: Storm Troopers
Label: CD Baby

Jesus Perez Jr. aka Echo of Gospel City, has been ministering in the church and on the streets for about 7-8 years. From CFF special music, to winning the McDonalds Gospelfest, to performing in Puerto Rico, the Word has always been the focus of this ministry. 'Keeping it Gospel' is the only reason I am alive today. While heading groups like God Squad and The Flock Family, God's Word has always been the foundation, God's calling has been the motivation, and heaven has been my destination as well as all those that have taking Jesus Christ into there hearts while being ministered to by this ministry. Hip Hop, R&b, Reggaeton, and Spoken Word have been the tools used to share the Good News with the world. From hard hitting anthems to smoothe seranades to war cries, Gospel City has prided itself on never coming off fake and keeping it Gospel. With Gospel City's first official album (Storm Troopers)dropping November 18, 2006, the world can be sure that this NY native will blow the minds of critics and the world. With songs like Storm Troopers, Love Song, I'm Sorry and We Got The Flow, the Word will go forward. It's always been God's ideas and rhymes, and I just supply the pen and paper. Welcome to the inevitability of Gospel Music..... Welcome to Gospel City.

1.1 Inevitability
1.2 Welcome to
1.3 Hallelujah
1.4 Come Ride (Ny)
1.5 Love Song
1.6 Can You Hear It?
1.7 Storm Troopers
1.8 Breathe
1.9 Praise
1.10 Why?
1.11 All Around the World
1.12 Stand
1.13 Bailen
1.14 Soldier
1.15 March Again
1.16 We Got the Flow
1.17 I'm Sorry
1.18 Come Ride (Pr)

Gospel City: Storm Troopers

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