Gofish: Hikarinohayasa De Tatazunde

Gofish: Hikarinohayasa De Tatazunde
Title: Hikarinohayasa De Tatazunde
Label: Jet Set
Product Type: VINYL LP

The solo project of Japanese hardcore punk band NICE VIEW's vocalist, Shota Terai, focuses on folk based songs. As his new challenge, he recorded this new album with the band unlike previous works with strings and more like chamber music.

1.1 Memento
1.2 Dansu O Kimi Ga
1.3 Indian Summer
1.4 Crater
1.5 Rock Star
1.6 Sayonara O Oikakete
1.7 Kitto Itsuka
1.8 Persona
1.9 Soto Wa Yukida Yo
1.10 Live Album
1.11 Sono Toki

Gofish: Hikarinohayasa De Tatazunde

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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