Glittercore: Glittercore

Glittercore: Glittercore
Title: Glittercore
Artist: Glittercore
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 852673997121
Genre: Rock

Descriptions by listeners: Urgent harmonies punctuated by vocals erupting with an undeniable air of menace all wrapped up in an ever morphing soundscape that remains untethered to any particular aesthetic, gliding from power pop to spiky psychedelia to sludge punk. Glittercore succeed in capturing the heavy dynamics of 90s rock but with their own fresh twist that never stops percolating. Smooth vocal harmonies, also powerful vocals coming from Paul. Using classic alt rock distorted guitar riffs while complimenting with a very smooth noticeable bass guitar Modern punk? No...hard core get down? I would say Rock with a little Roll alliterative to alternative...In other words damn good music Grizzlely, baked over, smashed at some points but zoned out in others almost as if yall are floating up like a bus taking people. And.driving them to space...Then a toaster when you pour water inside of it and it starts freaking the hell out...And sparking.. that about sums it up ! Vocals remind me a bit of Public Image Ltd. Ecclectically Unique... Melodic and heavy trio. Nice harmonies. Power trio w/ good dynamics, heavy guitar with sweet melodics & punk undertones A powerful swirl! Ok...don't play this music for your kids and give them the don't do drugs speech. This is heavy metal Floyd! I would say Glittercore is like PsychoDelic stoner punk. Post punk explosion of harmonized psychodelic pop. Word.


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Glittercore: Glittercore


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