Erickson, Glenn: Today

Glenn Erickson: Today
Title: Today
Label: CD Baby

Original easy listening country songs in a variety of styles... love ballads; soft country rock; humor; inspirational & philosophical lyrics...and stories of life. A mixture of traditional country and country pop, written by one of today's most prolific & popular new indie song writers....acclaimed by dj's & listeners around he world... truly a unique collection of original songs for TODAY! 10/2/08 per Rene Hoffman, country music dj/journalist; Zuerich, Switzerland: 'I got your newest CD (TODAY) in my mail. What a great one you send. Every song is a real country song. I like this music you recorded. I put this CD in my farorites!!!' 10/3/08 per Eddie O'Strange, DJ; New Zealand: 'Hi Glenn & B. Jeff (Stone), Thanks so much for sending us Glenn's 'Today' CD. Glenn, you're always a reliable, classy writer and it's a real pleasure to hear your cruisy, loungy vocal style. I'll be selecting tracks for scheduling as from next week....that's the hard part, with such an attractive collection to choose from.' 10/9/08 per Jackman Cooper,dJ, Belgium Hello, Nashville Gold Records, Thank you so much for sending this great CD from Glenn Erickson. He is a great composer, a great songwriter! And his band... wow!...beautiful music; they are really great!! Glenn, we enjoy your vocals, and even moreso, the songs you've written for Chris Anderson, Juli Maners, William Ray and Mak Kaylor. Every song gonna' be a hit!! Other great songs that we love very much are the song you wrote for Dan Schafer...LIFE GOES ON; and GOTTA; LOTTA' LIVIN' for Brenda Taylor. Glenn Erickson, you have a dedicated life long fan! 10/3/08 per Graeme Godkin, DJ, Australia Glenn, I would just like to thank you for your latest CD, TODAY, which arrived today; and would like to add that, after a brief spin, there are a heap of good songs...and the added bonus of 24 tracks. Congrats on a fine CD, with your penning all the songs. 1025/08 per Dann Hansen, dj, Denmark (Excuse the English) Hi Glenn & Nashville Gold West It was some of a CD as I received today. 24 tracks, the one better than another, as give a frustrated DJ time to pick exactly the song he wants to air. What please me a lot is to see the cover of the CD as show a man as are grown up, and then hear the classic song as been singing. Here is a man as is old enough to know what he sings about. Today's country music as goes out from Nashville is not country music but progressive music as comes from artists as never had used a razor yet. Artists of today is not able to put heart and soul into their music, but not Glenn Erickson, as you can feel sings from his heart and spice his lyrics with soul. My shows are based on classic and traditional country music, and I refuse to spin progressive country music, but let such go to other hands on the radio, as is not so scrupulous in what they give airplay. I wish you all the best and good luck with your CD. From Dann Hansen.

1.1 Here's to Life
1.2 Another Heavenly Body
1.3 That's Why I Love You
1.4 Do'wanna' Sleep Alone
1.5 It Don't Matter Much to Me
1.6 Vegas Casino Blues
1.7 Middle of My Dream
1.8 Matter A' Time
1.9 Start Over Again
1.10 On a Day Like This
1.11 Only the Lonely
1.12 No Man's Land
1.13 She Drove Me Crazy
1.14 Highest That Mankind Has Flown
1.15 Tiny Little Corner of Your Heart
1.16 Half the Fun
1.17 Maybe I Can Learn to Love Again
1.18 Don't Worry
1.19 Don't Be Blinded
1.20 Here ; Now
1.21 Sinners ; Saints
1.22 Leslie
1.23 Do You Believe in Dreams?
1.24 Today

Erickson, Glenn: Today

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