Millanta, Giulia: Funambulist

Giulia Millanta: Funambulist
Title: Funambulist
Artist: Millanta, Giulia
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 888174598345
Genre: Folk

A funambulist is a tight rope walker. The name comes from latin, therefore it's pretty much the same in Italian (funambolo) and in Spanish (funambolista) A funambulist is a person who connects two places that are far away, or separated. She walks suspended in the air, running the risk of falling...and loosing everything. The Funambulist' saw the light of day a year and a half after Giulia's third record, during this time Giulia has travelled a lot, toured, visited new places, encountered different people... When you travel, you are somehow suspended, you are in no place and no time. You are in between. This can invite a great a sense of unsettlement but if you're willing to dance and make music on that tightrope, you also get a chance to think and evaluate all the things we often don't take enough time to think about. Questions, death, God, people, deceased loved ones, people that are yet to be born, love, broken love, healing love, fraternal love, fear, gratitude, all of those life/death tightrope paths that we all take in this journey of our humanness. This is what 'The Funambulist' is about.

1.1 Ma Voix
1.2 Lost in Space
1.3 Il Grande Fratello
1.4 Carry the Cross
1.5 Gerbere
1.6 Could Have Been My Father
1.7 How Does God Sleep at Night?
1.8 How Fast Can You Run?
1.9 Come Polvere
1.10 She Floated Away
1.11 Llevatelo a la Luna
1.12 Please Come Visit
1.13 Ode to a Breakup
1.14 The Funambulist

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Millanta, Giulia: Funambulist


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