Poirier, Ghislain: No Ground Under

Ghislain Poirier: No Ground Under
Title: No Ground Under
Label: Ninja Tune Import

Society is speeding headlong into the 21st century, and we're standing at a unique juncture in musical history. Worldviews expand and sonic geographies contract as people and philosophies travel faster and farther than ever before. Analog and digital information are woven together as analog forms of expression ? the voice, the drum skin, the low end rumble ? disintegrate into ones and zeros and rebuild into a new hybridity. The intersection of digitalism and globalism is the future made real. No one understands this better than Ghislain Poirier, one of the most commanding artists around exploring new terrains of hip hop and electronic music fused with world riddim idioms twisted deep around bass. His obsession for the big, the dirty and the rhythmic laid the foundation for creating No Ground Under, his first album for Ninja Tune. No Ground Under is chock full of what he describes as "cosmopolitan bass & chunky digital dancehall". Quick-fast riddims with scattered snare chatting slap up against future electro funk, fat beat stabs, and sub bass switch-ups. Grimy digital soca (what you don´t know, this is the next level jump up, run the towel) gets lit up beside laser beams slicing through congas. Electro pop with right amount of fucked up double-up gets melodically crunked out. Bodyrocking meets necksnapping in all the right places. All this being said No Ground Under is a banging record, with enough bounce to make the dance floor quake and bodies shake. A testament to a man who has been making music for years and is truly coming into his own with a sound that will make the global villagers jump up and get on the good foot.

1.1 Courto
1.2 Blazin
1.3 Jusqu'en Haut - Omnikrom, Ghislain Poirier
1.4 Hit ; Red
1.5 No More Blood
1.6 Go Ballistic - Ghislain Poirier
1.7 One Hand Can't Clap
1.8 City Walking - Abdominal, Ghislain Poirier
1.9 Ladies ; Gentleman - DJ Netik, Ghislain Poirier
1.10 It's a War War War
1.11 Exils - Ghislain Poirier, Abdelhak Rahal
1.12 Dem Nah Like Me
1.13 Diaspora
1.14 Mangen L'boul Nik Myo, Ghislain Poirier

Poirier, Ghislain: No Ground Under

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