Colligan, George & Theoretical Planets: Risky Notion

George Colligan & Theoretical Planets: Risky Notion
Title: Risky Notion
Label: Origin Records

A wildly inventive, dynamic and ubiquitous pianist for the last two decades, George Colligan certainly needs no introduction in that role. But with his Portland-based band Theoretical Planets, Colligan displays an alternate yet equally effective side as he leads his chord-less, two saxophone quartet from behind the drums. With Colligan's long hours spent on the bandstand with a multitude of the world's premier drummers (he currently tours with Jack DeJohnette and Lenny White), their influences are apparent but his powerful and distinctive musical vision always prevails.

1.1 Gorgasaurus
1.2 Constantly Breaking My Heart
1.3 Harmawhatics?
1.4 Con Woman
1.5 Impromptu Ballad
1.6 Risky Notion
1.7 Space Gives You Time
1.8 Transparent
1.9 Phantom Friend
1.10 Losing Our Way

Colligan, George & Theoretical Planets: Risky Notion

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