Wager, Gary: Age of An Aquarian

Gary Wager: Age of An Aquarian
Title: Age of An Aquarian
Artist: Wager, Gary
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501330800
Genre: New Age

Each song has a story, and that story can be different for every listener. ' A Butterfly Song ', for example, leans on the graceful but sometimes inconsistent flutter of the butterfly in flight, while remaining beautiful and going about the business of a butterfly - at least the nature of the butterfly was the model for this tune. Without knowing the title to the song, a butterfly may never enter into one's thought process....................... The musical work ' Age of an Aquarian ' has the listener in mind, so as to offer a seamless stream of fresh music and melody, without losing the bass tones. The music here becomes your personal advocate, giving sanctuary to your thoughts, while opening plenty of space for solutions in one's life. At the same time, the music effortlessly molds into any mood the listener is living in. If one is feeling peaceful, the music enhances the feeling. If one is happy, the ease of a smile appears. While driving, the melodic and elegant instrumental acoustic music is the perfect companion - a soothing and healing energy, as a quiet confidence is shared and understood through the music. Just the right measure of musical information as we live in the moment, celebrating your personal future.

1.1 Peace Garden Number 7
1.2 A Butterfly Song
1.3 More
1.4 Beatific Morpheme
1.5 Offering
1.6 An Aquarian Muse
1.7 Horizons

Wager, Gary: Age of An Aquarian


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