Funky DL: Nights In Nippon Jazzstrumentals

Funky Dl: Nights In Nippon Jazzstrumentals
Title: Nights In Nippon Jazzstrumentals
Artist: Funky DL
Label: Washington Classics
UPC: 5060139950978
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

2017 release. For the very first time, Funky DL produces and releases an instrumental album based on music that he has never recorded any vocals for. The tracks encapsulate the vibe and energy of the many places he has traveled to in Japan and this album is a perfect representation of the serenity absorbed through the nights of chilling, dining, entertaining and relaxing in one of the greatest countries in the world... Nippon (Japan) The Nights in Nippon Jazzstrumental Album (N.I.N.J.A.) is the perfectly smooth instrumental audio backdrop for late night car cruising or open window chilling, releasing a sense of calm and contentment for any avid and discernible listener.

1.1 Takings of Tokyo
1.2 Hamamatsu Timeless
1.3 Yokohama Waves
1.4 Kamakura Carnival
1.5 Fukuoka Flügel
1.6 Sapporo Summer
1.7 Utsunomiya Excitement
1.8 Osaka Chill Time
1.9 Nectars of Nagoya
1.10 Wisdom of Kyoto
1.11 Hiroshima Happenings (CD Bonus Track)

Funky DL: Nights In Nippon Jazzstrumentals


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