Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice: Mirke vs The Dreamy LLC

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Fruit Juice

Title: Mirke vs The Dreamy LLC
Label: Swoon Records

The kind of light psychedelic pop created by Fruit Juice is eminently invigorating in it's giddy goofiness. With their glammy energy and commitment to sunny, falsetto harmonies it's a swirling fishbowl of paint illuminating against a wall in an endless configuration of shapes and colors - all with pleasantly glassy-eyed sheen.

1.1 Fig. 6: The Pretties
1.2 I'm Trying
1.3 Brochure
1.4 Dreamy LLC
1.5 Sex Isn't Important
1.6 Black Car
1.7 If You Wake Up in Our House
1.8 I Don't Know
1.9 Scene 7
1.10 Mirke Looks in
1.11 We Tried
1.12 Charcoal Cream Carousel
1.13 Baby Got a Gun

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