Feathered Edge: Mystic Light

Feathered Edge: Mystic Light
Title: Mystic Light
Artist: Feathered Edge
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 783707035000
Genre: Easy Listening

There is more to this music than just playing guitar and singing. We wanted to enhance the whole experience. As painters of music we bring more tools to the easel. Combining instruments, lyrics, music composition, and arrangement; with acoustics, and recording engineering/mastering, the goal is to create many different canvasses. There is a rich array of musical colors available in the world, we seek to bring them together in song. Each one is unique. A bright or joyful song may have Bluegrass or Rock, a sad or melancholy song may use more Jazz colors. We hope you enjoy these offerings, and always look for the edge... musical compositions that retain their beauty, yet are different enough from what is typically practiced... The Feathered Edge.

1.1 Born
1.2 Honored Souls
1.3 Dancing with You
1.4 Festival of Life
1.5 Brother
1.6 Water
1.7 Factories
1.8 Shenandoah
1.9 Mystic Light
1.10 Gentle Wind
1.11 The Seed

Feathered Edge: Mystic Light


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