Acres, Fawty: Accumulation of Stress

Fawty Acres: Accumulation of Stress
Title: Accumulation of Stress
Label: CD Baby

Birmingham, Alabama's Hip-Hop scene is underground like flooded coal mines. Thriving in this shadow world of unknown heat spitters and beat smiths is a difficult task. It's enough to stress out the average would be rapper. Enter Fawty Acres with their appropriately titled debut album 'Accumulation of Stress'. These Magic City boys ain't playing wit'chall. They breathe that fire into unsuspecting microphones. This is that true Southern Hip-Hop. Woodro & Woleña glide over Jalapeño-hot tracks from the legendary VIC THE TRUTH previously known by more aliases than Method Man. This project also features J. Gatsby & K. Singo from the Black Lion Camp and a couple of Birmingham Area Songbirds. 'Accumulation of Stress' is a window into the mind of the average black male surviving in the Heart of Dixie. This Heavy Chevy Riding, Country Slang Spittin', Slum Music has been labeled Dirty South Hip-Hop. If you love the sound of the Dirty-Dirty, then this is the lick for you. After all... what's more Dirty than Bama? ....Nuff Said. G'ON SNATCH THIS ONE UP!!!

1.1 Stress Ntro
1.2 Magic City News
1.3 Where I Dwell
1.4 Good Lawd
1.5 Saggin
1.6 Her Love Is
1.7 Wolena's Two Cents
1.8 Here Today.Gone Tomorrow
1.9 Wonder Why?
1.10 Just 'Cause
1.11 Malaika
1.12 Woodro's Two Cents
1.13 Shut Yo' Mouth
1.14 Starstruck
1.15 Buck Rogers
1.16 Git Durdy Widit
1.17 America the Beautifull
1.18 Safari
1.19 Release Owtro

Acres, Fawty: Accumulation of Stress

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