Exiled on Earth: Non Euclidean

Exiled on Earth: Non Euclidean
Title: Non Euclidean
Label: Punishment 18 Record

The sound is a Technical Thrash with death influence, it will evolve throuhout the years in a more violent form. In the end of 2001 the mini CD "Duality Conflicts" was ready. In 2007, the first full length,"The Orwell Legacy", saw the light. The album, goes deeper into the sci-fi themes, reaching the boundaries of horror depicted by H.P. Lovecraft. On 2012 "Forces of Denial" was released.

1.1 Parsec Devourer
1.2 Vault of the Decimator
1.3 Mythoscondria
1.4 The Cult of the Ivory Grace
1.5 Non Euclidean
1.6 Vordeghast Wood(Mater Eternitas)
1.7 Tindalos
1.8 Forager of Sanity

Exiled on Earth: Non Euclidean

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