Evilsmith: Evilsmith

Evilsmith: Evilsmith
Title: Evilsmith
Label: CD Baby

Out of Everett, WA, Evilsmith have been playing local clubs including El Corazon, Studio7, The Central and Tony V's. Influenced mainly by Venom and Slayer. Evilsmith takes you to the party, gets you intoxicated with their intense music, and then leaves you with your head pounding from the spectacle you just bore witness. The gripping vocals of Asa Salter, the shredding guitars of Relentless Beefpuncher, aggressive drumming of Van Hunterbeek and the huge distorted bass from Harry 'Snapper' Organs, make up the core elements of Evilsmith. A kick your ass, take no prisoners Metal band capable of leaving fans with their jaws on the floor wanting more. With the release and overseas sales of their aggressive self-titled debut album, and their most recent release Rot, featuring hard hitting songs like; "Rot", "Forgotten Motive" and the brutally effective "Daddy", "Evilsmith is on the path of becoming one of Metal's best." Currently the band has been working on new material to add to their live performance and anticipated future release!

1.1 Wasted Life
1.2 Ball Cushion
1.3 Hard Time
1.4 Religiouscide
1.5 Burn the Devil's Face
1.6 Realize
1.7 Under Beak
1.8 Kintuã-ˆKy Winde
1.9 War
1.10 Pinch
1.11 Tip

Evilsmith: Evilsmith

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