Forever, Evelyn: Good to Be Alive

Evelyn Forever: Good to Be Alive
Title: Good to Be Alive
Label: CD Baby

Good to Be Alive is Evelyn Forever's third, and finest, effort to date. They have skillfully succeeded in capturing the dynamics that have made them one of the premeir up-and-coming power pop bands out there: driving, powerful guitars, energy, beautiful melodies and impeccable harmonies. With four talented singer/songwriters, there is something for everyone, from the punk sensibilities of such tracks as 'Drunk Tank' and 'Champagne' to the more traditional bouncy power pop of 'Imagine My Surprise'. This album also features the band delving into more unusual genres (at least for them). On 'Indecision', the band explores drum loops and hip-hop beats beneath an undeniably catchy classic melody. 'Little Girl' finds the band expertly mastering a sort of psychodelic pop. And the title track is as good of an arena rock power ballad that ever was. Fans of classic power pop/true rock and roll will not be disappointed. --THIS JUST IN-- Evelyn Forever recently signed with Childlike Records, a NYC based independent record company and a new release featuring new bass player Chris Lucas is in the works. The band remains as vibrant as ever and cannot wait to put some of their finest new tunes down and pick up where they left off on Good to Be Alive. More to come soon... ----------------- Review--- Evelyn Forever soar off the charts here - their startling Good To Be Alive being the year's most impressive power pop dynamo. The band has mastered the fundamentals of the 'hook' on Good To Be Alive, immediately assaulting the senses with the opening Drunk Tank and it's charging rhythm. Then it's Imagine My Surprise, which would be a huge hit in a just world thanks to it's singalong chorus and backing vocals. When you finally get past these two tracks (you may wear out your button on your CD player), there's Indecision. Definitely the band's best pop ballad, Evelyn Forever croon over a steady funky rhythm here to great dramatic effect. And this is just for openers, Good To Be Alive's twelve tracks count not one dud among them. Melding tough guitar sounds with strong melodies, Evelyn Forever toss off tracks like I Know A Girl and Purple Flowers like the musically seasoned professionals they've become while still retaining an exuberant 'rock and roll' spontaneous energy. Throughout Good To Be Alive, Evelyn Forever sound like they've come to play - and the production efforts of Randy Staley and Robert Green make for a perfect fit. No messing around here, folks - this is one people will be talking about for quite awhile. Yep, it's that good. (* * * * 1/2 out of 5) Claudio Sossi Shake It Up! January 2001.

1.1 Drunk Tank
1.2 Imagine My Surprise
1.3 Indecision
1.4 Good to Be Alive
1.5 Everything
1.6 I Know a Girl
1.7 Precious Time
1.8 Little Girl
1.9 Wasted
1.10 Purple Flowers
1.11 Maybe
1.12 Champagne

Forever, Evelyn: Good to Be Alive

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