Eurythmics: 1984 (eng) / O.s.t.

Eurythmics: 1984 (eng) / O.s.t.
Title: 1984 (eng) / O.s.t.
Label: EMI Import

Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart were commissioned to score the 1984 film adaptation of George Orwell's classic masterpiece. Most tracks are instrumentals, but this soundtrack yielded two UK singles for the duo: "Sexcrime (1984)" was quite popular on mid-80s dance floors and the ballad "Julia" is named for protagonist Winston's lover and the heroine of the story.

1.1 I Did It Just the Same
1.2 Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty Four)
1.3 For the Love of Big Brother
1.4 Winston's Diary
1.5 Greetings from a Dead Man
1.6 Julia
1.7 Doubleplusgood
1.8 Ministry of Love
1.9 Room 101

Eurythmics: 1984 (eng) / O.s.t.

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