Irvin, Eddie Cain: Life Die Life Dedicated

Eddie Cain Irvin: Life Die Life Dedicated
Title: Life Die Life Dedicated
Label: CD Baby

Eddie Cain Irvin was born around six a.m. on October 14, 1985. Six o'clock has changed meanings for Eddie over time. Once defined as "rise and shine" for school, it became bedtime after breakfast. In the summer of 2005, Eddie stayed up all night every night recording songs and would go to sleep when his father, David was leaving for work. Eddie would sleep all day while the world was alive, then, wake up to have dinner with his parents around five p. m., before another night of recording in a house all to himself. When Buffalo slept, Eddie was wide awake, dreaming of his future in music and devoting each valued hour to a record that would become Life Die Life Dedicated. The record is dedicated to Eddie's college buddy, Dave Kozak who took his own life after twenty short years. Dave attended Wooster College in Ohio with Eddie before Eddie transferred to James Madison University after their freshman year. Dave and Eddie shared a radio show at Wooster where they often exchanged new music. Coincidently, Dave had introduced Eddie to the band, Copeland and few years later, Eddie was signed to an independent record label, 80 One Records and opened for Copeland and Guster at JMU's largest venue in October 2006. Eddie recalls, "The first time I realized that I could play piano by ear was when I saw the movie Free Willy, and came home and played the theme song by Michael Jackson." Eddie began with piano lessons very early on and stuck with it through high school. As he grew older, lessons began to focus more on composition and the rest was history. Later down the line Eddie picked up a second instrument his sophomore year of high school, the guitar. Over the years he has written dozens upon dozens of excellent songs, which add up to comprise five self-recorded CDs. One of Eddie's biggest musical influences has been Tori Amos. Her creativity and bold character stand out to Eddie in a remarkable and special way. Other artists that have affected his musical style and tastes are Vanessa Carlton, Led Zeppelin, John Mayer, and Jason Mraz among many more. Even so, Eddie has a sound all his own. His songs are catchy, but manage to maintain a profound originality noticed by nearly every listener. His lyrics are candid and mindfully crafted in every track. While Eddie can find happiness in a bowl of macaroni and cheese, his favorite food, he knows there is much more waiting in the wings of the music-world. Each day he assigns himself to moves that will bring him closer to success. His performances are joyful and energetic, each one more intriguing than the last. It is obvious that the stage is home to him.

1.1 Shapes
1.2 Runaround
1.3 Be Curious
1.4 Goodbuy
1.5 Save Me
1.6 Naive
1.7 Ride
1.8 Iris
1.9 Real History
1.10 Malady
1.11 Time
1.12 Always Missin Out

Irvin, Eddie Cain: Life Die Life Dedicated

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