McMaster, Doug & Sandy: Hanalei Tradition

Doug & Sandy McMaster: Hanalei Tradition
Title: Hanalei Tradition
Label: CD Baby

A local Kauai tradition, Doug & Sandy's music washes away pain and stress enveloping you in your own little island of peace. It lifts your spirit, nurtures your soul, quiets your mind, and helps your body rest. Comfort music. Doug has been playing since he was six, this old family slack key music. The music is a gift to the modern world where stresses and demands pull you away from your roots, from nature, and your personal ancestral guidance. The music, within seconds, reconnects you. We were born to bring this music to you and directed on the mission by very special kupuna (wise elders). Soft, sweet, slow... with only the voices of nature as accompaniment... Hanalei Tradition comes to you straight from the heart of islands and ancestors. You feel the soothing tradewinds, the setting sun. You hear the taro leaves dancing as the breeze ripples the waters. The eyes (maka) and ears of the great Hanalei mountains are upon you. If you feel uncomfortable, you have some work to do to make things right with the ancestors and the land. Ho'oponopono. To make things right. Visit our website, sign up for the email newsletters, and listen to the music. It will help you reconnect and stay connected to your life's mission and path.

1.1 Hanalei Bridge
1.2 Happy Trails
1.3 Hihimanu
1.4 Hula Blues
1.5 Ka Punahou
1.6 Mai Ae I Ka Hewa
1.7 Centipede Boogie
1.8 Menehune Night Prelude
1.9 Menehune Night
1.10 'Ohana Lullaby
1.11 Angels Call
1.12 Whales Homecoming

McMaster, Doug & Sandy: Hanalei Tradition

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