Previn, Dory: Dory Previn We're Children of Coincidence

Dory Previn: Dory Previn We&
Title: Dory Previn We're Children of Coincidence
Label: Bgo Records

Dory's two Warner Bros albums from 1974 and 1976. Though not commercially successful they were critically and artistically acclaimed, especially for their lyrical skill. 'Coldwater Canyon' was the subject of a lot of speculation at the time as to whose house it was about. After these albums Previn retired from music, reappearing as an author before enjoying writing material for television. She sadly died in 2012 at the age of 86. Digitally remastered and slipcased and with new notes.

1.1 Lover, Lover Be My Cover
1.2 Coldwater Canyon
1.3 Atlantis
1.4 Mama Mama Comfort Me
1.5 Brando
1.6 New Rooms
1.7 The Empress of China
1.8 The Obscene Phone Call
1.9 The Crooked Christmas Star 73
1.10 Did Jesus Have a Baby Sister?
1.11 Children of Coincidence
1.12 I Wake Up Slow
1.13 Woman Soul
1.14 The Comedian
1.15 Fours
1.16 So Much Trouble
1.17 Wild Roses
1.18 Howm I Gonna Keep Myself Together
1.19 The Owl and the Pussycat

Previn, Dory: Dory Previn We're Children of Coincidence


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