Dope Lemon: Rose Pink Cadillac

Dope Lemon: Rose Pink Cadillac
Title: Rose Pink Cadillac
Label: BMG Rights Managemen

2021 release, the third album from singer/songwriter Angus Stone AKA Dope Lemon. Rose Pink Cadillac was written and recorded by Stone under the spectre of global turmoil. It's sunkissed, unabashedly romantic outlook persists in spite of that: this is a paean to the spell that love puts us all under at one point or another, and an appeal to try and find that rarest of feelings even in times of strife. This is a record to put on with your loved ones, to let envelop and overtake you with it's wash of feeling. There's a seat for all of us in the Rose Pink Cadillac.

1.1 Rose Pink Cadillac
1.2 Kids Fallin' in Love
1.3 Howl with Me
1.4 Stingray Pete
1.5 Sailor's Delight
1.6 Every Day Is a Holiday - By Dope Lemon ; Winston Surfshirt
1.7 Lovesick Brain
1.8 High Rollin (Feat. Louise Verneuil)
1.9 God's Machete
1.10 Shadows in the Moonlight

Dope Lemon: Rose Pink Cadillac

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