Doomstar!: Colors

Doomstar!: Colors
Title: Colors
Label: CD Baby

Hailing from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Doomstar! Combines elements of classic and contemporary psychedelic music in an amalgamation of heavy reverb, noise, stream of consciousness improvisations, and straight up pop-rockers. They pride themselves in creating an aural experience that is energetic, engaging, and unique from song-to-song, as well as performance-to-performance. Doomstar!'s debut album "Colors" was self released on March 6th 2009. Recorded and co-produced by Justin Pizzoferrato (sound engineer for the likes of Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Witch, and Thurston Moore among many others) at Bank Row Studios in Greenfield, MA, "Colors" is essentially Doomstar!: Year 1. Though the record was only recorded and mixed in 4 days in October 2008, it is the culmination of the creative powers that Doomstar! Had been fostering through numerous writing, recording, and rehearsal sessions since their conception. "Colors" is assembled much like the bands live performances, combining structured songs with in-studio improvisations to create an sonic landscape; a journey that leads the listener though hazy fields of color and light in a reverb drenched fog. Lyrically the album centers on abstract feelings of introspection, loss, and celestial wonder. '...Doomstar seem to be completely out of control and know exactly what they're doing at the same time. These are honest, clean-burning dudes who get together and create animalistic spazz-pop journeys that are far more massive and magical than simply the sum of the parts they are comprised of.' - Bunce Booking.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Blues and Other Dark Colors
1.3 Night
1.4 And in the End... There Will Be Color
1.5 Helicopter Pilot
1.6 Light
1.7 The Conversation
1.8 Mountain Siege
1.9 Attack
1.10 The Easy Way

Doomstar!: Colors

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